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ESET Security Management Center 7 (

ESET Remote Administrator 7 Agent (7.0.577.0)


ESET Endpoint Security 7.1 (7.1.2053.0)

ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.1 (7.1.2053.0)

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ESET Endpoint Antivirus & ESET Endpoint Security
Version 7.1.2053.0
Fixed: Restart recommended alert visible in managed environment.
Fixed: Product restart message during 'Change'-action from control panel.
Fixed: Manual start mode works incorrectly.
Fixed: User interface icon in system tray can be launched repeatedly.
Fixed: Audit log - Restore button available in managed mode.
Fixed: Empty configuration section for application notifications in EEA.
Fixed: Starting a scan from context-menu can result in user interface to become unresponsive during the operation.
ESET Endpoint Antivirus & ESET Endpoint Security
Version 7.2.2055.0

   Added: Local machine learning module for aggressive detection
   Added: Unified exclusions
   Added: Exclusion hit history
   Added: Interactive alerts configuration
   Added: Product upgrade process
   Added: Deep behavioral inspection
   Added: Comment field to all types of exclusions
   Improved: Anti-Phishing
   Improved: Insufficient graphic size and scaling of blocked webpage in Web control
   Improved: Allowed combined blocking/warning message shown in browser in Web control

ESET Security Management Center 7 All-in-one installer version 7.1.27 has been released

Added: ESET Full Disk Encryption add-on feature
Added: Tagging - objects are marked (e.g., computers) using user-defined tags
Added: MSP Automation Framework
Added: Support for the latest (v7) generation of Linux products
Added: Centralized Exclusions and wizard for exclusion creation
Added: Computer isolation task
Added: Unified table design with new navigation elements
Added: Ability to directly export tables across all the main screens to different formats (e.g., CSV, PDF, PS)
Added: New “empty screen” states for easier object creation
Added: Detections view is aggregated by time and other criteria to simplify operations and to resolve them
Added: Execute one-click actions fr om the “Task Executions” screen
Added: Create a combined installer including ESET Full Disk Encryption
Added: Option to deactivate individual products
Added: New dynamic groups related to newly introduced products
Added: Search by the group name in computer screens and search bar
Added: Ability to export and import dynamic group templates
Added: Option to save the dashboard layout as a preset for the other users
Added: Detections view includes data from “filtered websites”
Added: EDTD exclusions can be created using the new exclusions wizard, wh ere only the "by hash" option is enabled.
Added: Generate pre-defined reports filtered to a selected group
Added: Indonesian language support for the Web Console
Added: ESET Management Agent supports the latest security products
Improved: UI Improvements and usability changes
Improved: Client and Server tasks merged into one view
Improved: Submitted files now displays "tree element" to better identify relevant customers or locations (valid for MSP)
Improved: New column selector element for primary tables, that simplifies the selection and arrangement of columns
Improved: Context menu now applies for all selected rows
Improved: Filtering panel has some new options, e.g., autocomplete feature
Improved: Layout of the Detections (previously “threats”) screen with new detection details
Improved: Reports screen layout includes a one-click report generation option
Improved: Updates to the Task section; triggers display in a separate “Task Details” view
Improved: Layout of policies screen, with simpler orientation and navigation
Improved: Layout of notifications screen with notification details
Improved: Enhanced installers screen with installer status and tags panel for better usability for MSP
Improved: AV remover (part of management agent) supports auto-update
Improved: ESMC All-in-one installer for Windows makes it easier to upgrade the entire ESMC installation or individual ESMC components
Improved: The download speed of ESET download repositories is significantly improved
Improved: Management agent installer size significantly reduced
Changed: "Threats" section was renamed to "Detections"
Changed: Management agent compatibility update related to macOS 10.7 and 10.8 support (see the documentation for more details)
Changed: ESET Security Management Center ends support for Endpoint and Server Security versions 6.0 - 6.4
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