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Почему ESET Agent не обновляется автоматически средствами SMC, НЕ можем обновить агенты на клиентстких компах средствами консоли
[QUOTE]Спасибо за обращение и понимание.[/QUOTE]

Как по Мне это лучший ответ от администратора форума и тех.поддержки в целом!
Так дерзать!
ESMC не принимает пароль администратора
[B]Валерий Павлов[/B], Вы по какому мануалу устанавливали?

Например [URL=https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/component_installation_server_linux.html]здешний[/URL] с Вашим различается:

[CODE]sudo ./server-linux-x86_64.sh \
--skip-license \
--db-driver=MySQL \
--db-hostname= \
--db-port=3306 \
--db-admin-username=root \
--db-admin-password=Admin123 \
--server-root-password=Admin123 \
--db-user-username=root \
--db-user-password=Admin123 \

UPD: Вводите без кавычек, в точности по инструкции или же Вы на форуме произвольный конфиг отразили?
Изменено: Мартынов Николай - 11.12.2019 18:41:36
Седьмое поколение продуктов ESET(Бизнес версия), Обсуждение новых функций, настройки и исправления 7-й версии
ESET Endpoint Antivirus & ESET Endpoint Security
Version 7.2.2055.0

[QUOTE] Added: Local machine learning module for aggressive detection
   Added: Unified exclusions
   Added: Exclusion hit history
   Added: Interactive alerts configuration
   Added: Product upgrade process
   Added: Deep behavioral inspection
   Added: Comment field to all types of exclusions
   Improved: Anti-Phishing
   Improved: Insufficient graphic size and scaling of blocked webpage in Web control
   Improved: Allowed combined blocking/warning message shown in browser in Web control

[URL=https://www.eset.com/int/business/security-management-center/download/]ESET Security Management Center 7 All-in-one installer version 7.1.27 has been released[/URL]

[QUOTE]Added: ESET Full Disk Encryption add-on feature
Added: Tagging - objects are marked (e.g., computers) using user-defined tags
Added: MSP Automation Framework
Added: Support for the latest (v7) generation of Linux products
Added: Centralized Exclusions and wizard for exclusion creation
Added: Computer isolation task
Added: Unified table design with new navigation elements
Added: Ability to directly export tables across all the main screens to different formats (e.g., CSV, PDF, PS)
Added: New “empty screen” states for easier object creation
Added: Detections view is aggregated by time and other criteria to simplify operations and to resolve them
Added: Execute one-click actions fr om the “Task Executions” screen
Added: Create a combined installer including ESET Full Disk Encryption
Added: Option to deactivate individual products
Added: New dynamic groups related to newly introduced products
Added: Search by the group name in computer screens and search bar
Added: Ability to export and import dynamic group templates
Added: Option to save the dashboard layout as a preset for the other users
Added: Detections view includes data from “filtered websites”
Added: EDTD exclusions can be created using the new exclusions wizard, wh ere only the "by hash" option is enabled.
Added: Generate pre-defined reports filtered to a selected group
Added: Indonesian language support for the Web Console
Added: ESET Management Agent supports the latest security products
Improved: UI Improvements and usability changes
Improved: Client and Server tasks merged into one view
Improved: Submitted files now displays "tree element" to better identify relevant customers or locations (valid for MSP)
Improved: New column selector element for primary tables, that simplifies the selection and arrangement of columns
Improved: Context menu now applies for all selected rows
Improved: Filtering panel has some new options, e.g., autocomplete feature
Improved: Layout of the Detections (previously “threats”) screen with new detection details
Improved: Reports screen layout includes a one-click report generation option
Improved: Updates to the Task section; triggers display in a separate “Task Details” view
Improved: Layout of policies screen, with simpler orientation and navigation
Improved: Layout of notifications screen with notification details
Improved: Enhanced installers screen with installer status and tags panel for better usability for MSP
Improved: AV remover (part of management agent) supports auto-update
Improved: ESMC All-in-one installer for Windows makes it easier to upgrade the entire ESMC installation or individual ESMC components
Improved: The download speed of ESET download repositories is significantly improved
Improved: Management agent installer size significantly reduced
Changed: "Threats" section was renamed to "Detections"
Changed: Management agent compatibility update related to macOS 10.7 and 10.8 support (see the documentation for more details)
Changed: ESET Security Management Center ends support for Endpoint and Server Security versions 6.0 - 6.4
Изменено: Мартынов Николай - 12.11.2019 21:00:17
Не устанавливается ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6, Не устанавливается антивирус на Windows Server 2008R2 x64
[QUOTE]Маслов Виталий написал:
Аналогичная ошибка.  [URL=https://yadi.sk/i/NwdAISvRI4Dk-Q]https://yadi.sk/i/NwdAISvRI4Dk-Q[/URL]
Почему-то один и тот же инсталлятор eavbe_nt64_rus.msi запрашивается, хотя продукты разные устанавливаются.[/QUOTE]

Возможно у Вас ранее программное обеспечение от ESET уже было установлено в системе, которое после подлежало некорректному удалению.
Седьмое поколение продуктов ESET(Бизнес версия), Обсуждение новых функций, настройки и исправления 7-й версии
ESET Endpoint Antivirus & ESET Endpoint Security
Version 7.1.2053.0
[QUOTE]Fixed: Restart recommended alert visible in managed environment.
Fixed: Product restart message during 'Change'-action from control panel.
Fixed: Manual start mode works incorrectly.
Fixed: User interface icon in system tray can be launched repeatedly.
Fixed: Audit log - Restore button available in managed mode.
Fixed: Empty configuration section for application notifications in EEA.
Fixed: Starting a scan from context-menu can result in user interface to become unresponsive during the operation.
Седьмое поколение продуктов ESET(Бизнес версия), Обсуждение новых функций, настройки и исправления 7-й версии
ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server
Version 7.1.12006.0

Added: OneDrive scan can be scheduled remotely from ESMC
Changed: Removed support for Windows Server 2003
Improved: Various eShell commands and functions
Fixed: Repeatability of OneDrive and Hyper-V scan launched from main UI
Fixed: Process exclusions can be also defined from the list of running processes[/QUOTE]
Процесс egui.exe грузит процессор на 100%
В базе знаний ранее было сказано о поддержке ОС "Microsoft Windows XP"...

System requirements

[B]•Windows XP is no longer supported for version 7[/B]
Although it might be possible to install and run the product on systems that do not meet these requirements, we recommend prior usability testing to be done based on performance requirements.[/QUOTE]

Microsoft Windows XP end of support and ESET products


[QUOTE]Support for customers with Windows XP

ESET customers with Windows XP are eligible to contact ESET technical support for help resolving product issues as long as they have a valid product license, but should be aware that future versions of ESET products will not support Windows XP.

For use with Windows XP ESET recommends the following product versions:

   Home Products: The Live installer automatically detects the version of operating system. If there is Win XP, it installs the version 9 that is compatible and supported by Win XP.
   [B]Business Products: Version 6.5.2118.x[/B][/QUOTE]
Средство MirrorTool выдает: "Error: Cannot load lybrary" "Eror occured", Пытаюсь настроить средство "Зеркало" для обновления рабочих мест не имеющих доступа в интернет.
Средство «Зеркало»


[QUOTE]•В системе нужно установить пакет Visual C++ Redistributables for Visual Studio 2010.[/QUOTE]

На [URL=https://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/mirror_tool_linux.html]en-US странице справки[/URL] сказано так:
[QUOTE]•Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2010 must be installed on the system.
•Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable x86 must be installed on the system.[/QUOTE]
Седьмое поколение продуктов ESET(Бизнес версия), Обсуждение новых функций, настройки и исправления 7-й версии
[URL=https://support.eset.com/news7156/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US]ESET Security Management Center 7 All-in-one installer version has been released[/URL]


Version 7.0.72.X
•Added: Specific warning dialog on installations with installed ERA proxy about the steps needed to migrate the infrastructure to the new replication protocol
•Added: Option to activate Android devices using offline license file
•Added: One-click navigation to Enterprise Inspector fr om EEI reported threats
•Added: Option to choose multiple filters at once
•Added: Paging for “Submitted files” page
•Changed: Detection of installed compatible Java version does not require Oracle Java. A user can manually choose existing installations of different Java versions, including free JDK or Amazon Coretto
•Changed: Increased threshold to display 1000 groups in the group tree
•Changed: Ability to generate All-in-one installer without a license (removed validator that was added in ESMC 7.0)
•Changed: Mobile enrollment workflow now requests EULA acceptance
•Changed: All-in-one installer on Windows now warns when attempting to run it on incompatible operating system
•Changed: Removed “Pending restart check” from the Software Installation task logic
•Improved: Android enrollment process only needs the enrollment link to be clicked once
•Fixed: Itґs not possible to recover the iOS device from the lost mode after issuing the Find command from ESMC.
•Fixed: Not all files are being removed from the installation directory after uninstallation of MDM Connector.
•Fixed: Problem with the old version of MDM being still reported as installed after an upgrade, despite being correctly upgraded to the latest version due to the duplicated registry entries.
•Fixed: MDM Connector crashes upon loading HTTPS certificate.
•Fixed: Ability to upgrade from ERA / ESMC using the Component upgrade task
•Fixed: ESMC Server service crashing after deleting Dynamic Groups
•Fixed: Missing one-click action for alert “Windows updates available”
•Fixed: Tooltips do not show in the ESMC main menu, when in collapsed state
•Fixed: Issue after upgrade from ERA agent to ESMC agent results in a state wh ere both applications are reported as installed
•Fixed: Various broken agent upgrades
•Fixed: Issues with ESMC server losing connections from agents
•Fixed: Notifications do not send with NOR/NAND operators
•Fixed: MDM Core modules cannot be updated resulting in a “recent update attempts failed” status
•Fixed: Secondary IP address of the device is displayed in the Web Console
•Fixed: Data is missing or incorrectly reported to Syslog for ESET Endpoint Inspector alarms
•Fixed: Issue when applied policy on MDM prevents upgrade
•Fixed: Issue when future planned tasks are not executed unless computer is restarted
•Fixed: Status overview chart does not render automatically if you change tabs
•Fixed: Other fixes and stability improvements
•Fixed: Various product localization issues reported after the release
ESET Remote Administrator: Не удалось подключиться к серверу лицензий
[QUOTE]Alex Ho написал:
Добрый день.
Сервер ERA 6.5 (на W7), обновилась лицензия (в ELA и ERA) автоматически. Показывает везде новую. У клиентов новая лицензия подтянулась атоматом.
при установке нового клиента не активируется. Пересоздал установщик с новой лицензией, но все равно активировать не хочет. при создании задачи Активация - не удалось связаться с ревером лицензий.  [/QUOTE]

Прокси в сети/организации не используется?
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