обновление File Security for microsoft windows server , обновление File Security for microsoft windows server

просьба помочь с информацией о версиях и датах обновления File Security for microsoft windows server.
Интересует количество и даты обновлений с версии 6.5.1201.0 по сегодняшний день.

по версиям можно глянуть в changelog:
(аналогично по 7 версии, можете глянуть в changelog на сайте eset.com)

Version 6.5.12018.X

   Fixed: Install fails for users other than the built-in administrator
   Fixed: Protocol filtering blocks communication from the EMC backup client
   Fixed: Moderate slowdown of dynamically created Docker instances by real-time scanning module

Version 6.5.12017.X

   Changed: Updated legal terms and sensitive information handling due to EU General Data Protection Regulation
   Changed: Updated EPFW, eamon, ehdrv and edevmon drivers to match the latest Endpoint 6.5 drivers
   Fixed: Inability to print with Kyocera printers
   Fixed: ESET LiveGrid "Submit anonymous statistics" and "Submit samples" options are automatically enabled after installation using "Software install" task

Version 6.5.12014.0

   Fixed: Unexpected crash of kernel module during asynchronous internal configuration access
   Fixed: Protocol filtering module blocks Base Filtering Engine service on Windows Server 2016 (Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter driver version, or newer required)

Version 6.5.12013.0

   Fixed: Delivery problem for mobile e-mail clients Exchange 2003
   Fixed: Infected file copied via network is not detected by Real-time protection
   Fixed: Potential EGUI crash or high CPU load when navigating Advanced Settings in the user interface
   Fixed: The error “Volumes inaccessible because the machine disk is locked” displays in list of scanning targets on Hyper-V machines
   Fixed: Automatic exclusions for MS SQL Server are not set correctly when custom data and log directories are used
   Fixed: Various localization and documentation bugs

Version 6.5.12010.0

   Fixed: Ekrn crash caused by missing validator under email protocols
   Fixed: Several issues with EGUI after enabling "Use offline help"
   Fixed: Crash in SQL server automatic exclusions
   Fixed: When EGUI is closed, and a Hyper-V scan is paused, it does not show in the restarted EGUI
   Fixed: Hyper-V scanner settings are not synchronized in ESET cluster
   Fixed: Empty logs if the installation path had contained Cyrillic letters

Version 6.5.12007.0

   Added: Policy merging for array-type of settings managed by ESET Remote Administrator (for example, definition lists for scanning exclusions)
   Added: Support for standard keyboard shortcuts in eShell allowing advanced control of command history
   Improved: Detection capabilities of infected master boot records (MBR) in Hyper-V guests
   Improved: Significantly reduced snapshot manipulation overhead when scanning Hyper-V guests with multiple virtual drives
   Improved: Updated discovery methods for automatic Hyper-V exclusions utilizing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to identify exact file locations
   Improved: Virtual disk labelling in scan-log to allow positive identification when errors occur during scanning
   Fixed: Results of Idle-state scanning are not being recorded in regular scanning logs
   Fixed: Access delay in opening network-stored Microsoft Office documents on Windows Server 2003
   Fixed: Automatic exclusions for Internet Information Services (IIS) on Microsoft Windows Server 2016
   Fixed: When managing with ESET Remote Administrator, despite a locked item in a policy distributed by ESET Remote Administrator, you can still disable certain protection modules using GUI or eShell (including Anti-Stealth, Anti-Phishing and Document protection, which includes Automatic exclusions switch)
   Fixed: Various minor bug fixes and documentation improvements
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