Седьмое поколение продуктов ESET(Бизнес версия), Обсуждение новых функций, настройки и исправления 7-й версии

Прошу обратить внимание.

При создании сообщения с вопросом, просим убедится что установлена актуальная версия антивирусного продукта.

ESET Security Management Center 7 (

ESET Remote Administrator 7 Agent (7.0.471.0)


ESET Endpoint Security 7 (7.0.2091.0)

ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7 (7.0.2091.0)

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Дмитрий написал:
 Мартынов Николай  написал:
Интересно, а поверх установкой можно будет обойтись?
Можно, но через месяц, будет работать задача на обновление компонентов.
Пока так  https://support.eset.com/kb6925/

Вроде как обещанное "прибыло в ESMC"...

А полный комплект когда? У меня до сих пор проблема (после ручного перехода) с обновлением веб-консоли, до сих пор сижу на вебе 6.5 Remote administrator.
Мартынов Николай написал:
Вроде как обещанное "прибыло в ESMC"...
Возможно на бета серверах...

Сергей написал:
А полный комплект когда?

Разработчики обещают через 3 недели...
Вот, что-то там обновилось...

Через автообновление стало так:

ESET Security Management Center (Server), версия 7.0 (7.0.577.0)
ESET Security Management Center (Веб-консоль), версия 7.0 (7.0.429.0)
Copyright © 1992-2018 ESET, spol. s r.o. All Rights Reserved.

В центре загрузок, так:

ESET Endpoint Security
Version 7.0.2091.0
Fixed: The Update profile name displays a random text string during product upgrade
Fixed: Category groups in Web Control do not work properly as settings fr om ESMC are not transferred or saved

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server
Version 7.0.12016.0
Fixed: Modules folder gradually consumes disk space
Fixed: Activation requested after upgrade from EFSW version 4.5

ESET Security Management Center
Added: Specific warning dialog on installations with installed ERA proxy about the steps needed to migrate the infrastructure to the new replication protocol
Added: Option to activate Android devices using offline license file
Added: One-click navigation to Enterprise Inspector from EEI reported threats
Added: Option to choose multiple filters at once
Added: Paging for “Submitted files” page
Changed: Increased threshold to display 1000 groups in the group tree
Changed: Ability to generate All-in-one installer without a license (removed validator that was added in ESMC 7.0)
Changed: Mobile enrollment workflow now requests EULA acceptance
Changed: All-in-one installer on Windows now warns when attempting to run it on incompatible operating system
Changed: Removed “Pending restart check” from the Software Installation task logic
Improved: Android enrollment process only needs the enrollment link to be clicked once
Fixed: Ability to upgrade from ERA / ESMC using the Component upgrade task
Fixed: ESMC Server service crashing after deleting Dynamic Groups
Fixed: Missing one-click action for alert “Windows updates available”
Fixed: Tooltips do not show in the ESMC main menu, when in collapsed state
Fixed: Issue after upgrade from ERA agent to ESMC agent results in a state wh ere both applications are reported as installed
Fixed: Various broken agent upgrades
Fixed: Issues with ESMC server losing connections from agents
Fixed: Notifications do not send with NOR/NAND operators
Fixed: MDM Core modules cannot be updated resulting in a “recent update attempts failed” status
Fixed: Secondary IP address of the device is displayed in the Web Console
Fixed: Data is missing or incorrectly reported to Syslog for ESET Endpoint Inspector alarms
Fixed: Issue when applied policy on MDM prevents upgrade
Fixed: Issue when future planned tasks are not executed unless computer is restarted
Fixed: Status overview chart does not render automatically if you change tabs
Fixed: Other fixes and stability improvements
Fixed: Various product localization issues reported after the release
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