FileAlyzer is a tool to analyze files – the name itself was initially just a typo of FileAnalyzer, but after a few days I decided to keep it. FileAlyzer allows a basic analysis of files (showing file properties and file contents in hex dump form) and is able to interpret common file contents like resources structures (like text, graphics, HTML, media and PE).

Using FileAlyzer is as simple as viewing the regular properties of a file – just right-click the file you want to analyze and choose Open in FileAlyzer.

полезная утилитка для анализа файла, добавлен поиск по хэшу на Вирустотал

обновилась до версии 2. (ранее был 1.6)
Изменено: santy - 28.08.2012 13:13:07
некоторые функции просто отлично реализованы

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