Добрый день.
На сервер компании пролез вирус шифровальщик и зашифровал файлы с расширением .cripton

Decrypting your files is easy. Take a deep breath and follow the steps below.
1 ) Make the proper payment.
Payments are made in Monero. This is a crypto-currency, like bitcoin.
You can buy Monero, and send it, from the same places you can any other
crypto-currency. If you're still unsure, google 'monero exchange'.

Sign up at one of these exchange sites and send the payment to the address below.

Payment Address (Monero Wallet):


2 ) Farther you should send your ip address to email address [URL=mailto:sqqsdr01@keemail.me]sqqsdr01@keemail.me[/URL]
Then you will receive all necessary key.

Prices :
Days : Monero : Offer Expires
0-2 : 700$ : 01/21/19
3-6 : 1500$ : 01/25/19

Note: In 7 days your password decryption key gets permanently deleted.
You then have no way to ever retrieve your files. So pay now.

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