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[ Закрыто] Почему мой сайт внесен в черный


I am the owner and administrator of the following site http://nicoinvest.ru/
Some time ago, I noticed that my site has been blacklisted by ESET Antivirus.

I have completed a site inspection for the presence of malicious code, checked the contents for pirated content. Also, the contents of the site has been verified by the utility ESET Online Scanner. Report attached to this letter.
Please remove my site from the blacklist.

Thank you for your assistance.

The scan results http://joxi.ru/82QBe7dH1YbeOA

[ Закрыто] Почему мой сайт внесен в черный
Сайт http://nicoinvest.ru/
выдаёт http://geekpic.net/pm-WYV1BY.html
Просим проинформировать о причинах, для дальнейшего устранения.